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Available Memberships
If you’re under 30, you’re eligible to become a Young Member.
By submitting this form, you authorize Stichting Het Nieuwe Instituut to send standing debit orders to your bank to continuously debit from your account in accordance with the instructions of Stichting Het Nieuwe Instituut. If you do not agree with this debit you can have it reversed. Please contact your bank within 8 weeks after the debit to do so. Ask your bank for the conditions.
Your membership fee will be debited from your bank account at the beginning of each year. If you want to cancel your membership you can always email us at

Name: Stichting Het Nieuwe Instituut
Adress: Museumpark 25
ZIP-code: 3015CB
City: Rotterdam
Country: The Nederlands
Collector ID: NL08ZZZ54584530000
Authorization attribute: Membership Het Nieuwe Instituut

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