Het Nieuwe Instituut Members Survey

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Great that you’re happy to help us! With your feedback, we can do even more to make being a Member as fun as we possibly can. This survey takes about 2 minutes to complete.
In years
How satisfied are you with your Membership?
What was the main reason for you to become a Member? Please choose a maximum of 2 reasons:
In the past year, we have held several events for Members. Which of the following have you been to?
What would you like to see for Members?
Are you satisfied with Het Nieuwe Instituut’s communication about the Membership programme?
As a Member, how often would you like to be contacted by Het Nieuwe Instituut to stay informed about events and developments in the Members group? Please note: this question only concerns the emails you receive as a Member, and not the general newsletters.
What kind of information would you like to see in the Members newsletters? (multiple options possible)
How do you prefer to receive your Members updates?
Thank you so much for completing this survey!
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